In the previous part, we looked deeper into the top 10 companies providing  subscription management and recurring billing software. Today, we offer you to learn more about the next ten companies in the list formed according to the size of investments the companies attracted.

Digital River

Digital River

Digital River provides cloud-hosted solutions that empower organizations to improve their online marketing, e-payments, and e-commerce services. Digital River’s e-commerce applications help in risk management, subscription management, merchandising, partner management, and channel management. The software presents multi-currency support, auto-funding, tax, and fraud detection and prevention services.

Digital River offers the following benefits:

  • Localized payment strategy
  • Taxes
  • Local compliance
  • Fraud
  • Billing Optimization
  • Financial Reconciliation

Digital River adheres to regulations such as PCI, SOC2, PSD2, GDPR and CCPA.

In 2018, Digital River was recognized as a Finalist in the UK’s Ecommerce Awards for Excellence and as a Finalist for Two UK Technology Awards. The company is named one of the leaders in the 2020 Spring Customer Success Report. Subscription Billing Category.

Digital River serves customers in over 240 countries and territories and is trusted by such companies as Siemens, McAfee, logitech, Forrester, Bosch.



Gotransverse provides cloud-based software that empowers businesses in any sector to implement a subscription business model and include challenging elements like scalable monetization and usage-based pricing. This smart subscription management and billing system automates the subscription order-to-cash procedure, including rating, billing, revenue recognition, analytics, mediation, and collections. Gotransverse facilitates smart billing for intelligent organizations. It is an agile and reliable monetization platform that offers a cost-efficient way to include flexible pricing and effective billing tools to improve your back-end processes. The results are operational savings, visibility on revenue streams, quicker time-to-market, and enhanced revenue growth.

Gotransverse offers the following benefits:

  • Perfect Packaging and Pricing
  • Subscription Management
  • Rating
  • Flexible billing and invoicing
  • Revenue management

For security issues, Gotransverse provides audit logs of data input or changed via UI and API for all updates. In all data centers, Intrusion Detection System & Security Information Environment Management is implemented. The company is PCI, SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certified.

Gotransverse was among the finalists of the 2018-19 Cloud Awards and 2019-20 Cloud Awards in the Best Payment, Finance or Billing category. In 2019, Gotransverse won the Judges Choice Award for Best Recurring/Subscription Billing Solution and received a from Acquisition INTL Magazine. The company is one of the performers in the 2020 Spring Customer Success Report. Subscription Billing Category.

Gotransverse is trusted by such companies as Aptum, Ethoca, DigitalOcean, StarzPlay, CIOReview.



Chargebee is a recurring billing platform for subscription-based SaaS and eCommerce businesses. The platform allows businesses to automate recurring payment collection along with invoicing, taxes, accounting, email notifications, SaaS metrics and customer management.

Chargebee offers the following benefits:

  • Customizable billing cycles
  • Handling upgrades and downgrades at any point in the billing cycle
  • Flexible product catalog
  • Automated addons for plan activations or changes
  • Customizable trial periods
  • Recurring invoices
  • Various pricing models
  • Segmented email notifications
  • Calculations based on business-specific logic

Chargebee is PCI-DSS Level 1 certified and EU-GDPR compliant.

Chargebee was named the winner of the 2018-19 Cloud Awards in the Best Payment, Finance or Billing category. The company is one of the leaders in the . Chargebee is listed in the Top 20 Software Products of 2020 by Crozdesk in two categories: Subscription Management and Payments & Invoicing.

Chargebee serves 15000+ customers in 50+ countries. The company is trusted by Study.com, Whiteboard, Calendly, Linux Academy, Fujitsu and many others.



Vindicia is a marketing and SaaS billing tool for digital firms. It offers integrated marketing best practices to help your company optimize customer acquisition and retention. Vindicia CashBox and Vindicia Select™ subscription billing and customer retention solutions keep consumers connected to the subscriptions they love, and businesses connected to the revenue they need. The software’s simple yet robust method of subscription billing allows you to integrate it with all elements of a comprehensive billing infrastructure, acquire a broad array of new clients with pricing, payment methods, and promotions, improve customer retention to boost profits, manage the burden of VAT and sales tax, and expand into global markets. Vindicia is an Amdocs company that provides subscription billing software to assist enterprises to gain and retain more buyers by making payments easy, secure, and seamless. The firm’s Vindicia CashBox subscription billing and Vindicia Select customer retention platforms connect consumers to subscriptions and businesses to revenue. These SaaS-based platforms decrease customer churn and increase recurring revenue.

Vindicia offers the following benefits:

  • Billing platform
  • One-time purchases
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Chargeback management
  • Customer accounts management
  • Analytics
  • SKU and entitlement management
  • Tax management
  • Fraud screening

Vindicia is certified by PCI Compliance/PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).


  1. Vindicia recognized as one of the Fastest Growing Tech Companies in 2017
  2. Vindicia awarded 2018 Best Subscription / Recurring Billing Solution
  3. Vindicia Select wins 2016 Stevie Bronze Award
  4. Vindicia  named CODiE Award Finalist

Vindicia is listed in Spring 2020 Subscription Billing.

Vindicia’s trusted SaaS-based platform increases recurring revenue and reduces customer churn. It’s trusted by such companies as Perion, Mind Candy, MLG, cbusa, allrecipes.



Paddle is an all-in-one commerce platform that powers a flexible subscription billing model, as well as handling all those other pieces of the billing stack: a high converting checkout, coverage for sales tax, fraud protection, business invoicing, and more. This means SaaS companies can focus on building their product, instead of wasting time integrating multiple tools or developing their own billing system.

Paddle currently has about 140 employees and has received $25 million in investor funding. Their sellers have operations in 238 nations and territories. The company’s revenue has grown by 3900% in the last four years and they boast over 1,000 software companies as clients.

Paddle’s features cover every touchpoint along the SaaS customer lifecycle – from its optimized checkout (which comes in different forms, like embedded and overlay), through to the flexible subscription system. Paddle’s APIs underpin this flexibility, allowing SaaS Sellers to charge their customers how they want. Critically, Paddle goes beyond most subscription platforms by taking on the sales tax liability, including handling the calculations, remittance, and filing. As well as other key interactions related to the payments, like handling billing support queries.

The list of services Paddle offers includes the following:

  • Upgrades & downgrades
  • One-time purchase
  • Currency and pricing localization (26 currencies, 6 languages)
  • Support for any billing model
  • Chargebacks fought and fraud prevention
  • International payment acceptance (all countries but those banned from taking international payments, like Iran or Cuba)
  • Multiple payment methods in a single checkout experience
  • SaaS analytics
  • VAT MOSS and sales tax compliant
  • Trial management

Paddle uses a number of PCI-compliant providers to process credit and debit card transactions and as an additional security measure uses a third party tokenization service as a layer between Paddle and the providers.

The company is one of the performers in the 2020 Spring Customer Success Report. Subscription Billing Category .

Paddle is present in 238 countries and territories. It is trusted by such companies as Renderforest, Flixel, Chimp studios, Auslogics, ADGuard.



Papaya’s goal is to help you spend more time on things that matter.Paying bills shouldn’t take more than a few seconds. And other parts of bill pay, like organizing bills and tracking payments, should be easy and worry-free. With Papaya’s app there’s no need to go to the post office, pick up the phone, or remember passwords to make payments. Now, all you do is snap a picture of the bill and Papaya takes care of the rest.

Key features of Papaya app are:

  • Providing payments by just taking a photo of the bill
  • Papaya users pay faster and more regularly than the average consumer, often cutting payment times in half
  • Papaya is an easy way to provide a seamless mobile payment experience for the customers, with minimal effort.

At 2017 Papaya won the Best Mobile App nomination at Pay Awards

The Papaya app is bank-level secure, PCI compliant (level II), HIPAA compliant, and data is always transferred over an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) connection.

Papaya is cooperating with Sequoia, Silicon Valley Bank, IdeaLab, Fika Ventures, MuckerCapital, Clocktower Technology Ventures, Aspect Ventures, Graph Ventures, Mount Wilson Ventures and F-Prime.



PatientPay creates patient payment solutions for patients, medical groups, hospitals and revenue cycle management groups that delivers a full suite of products and services designed for today’s healthcare needs. PatientPay is the leading end-to-end patient payment solution focused on the complex financial challenges facing specialty healthcare. PatientPay partners with specialty care medical groups and revenue cycle management (RCM) companies to capture patient payments during every step of care.

PatientPay offers the following benefits:

  • Analytics to increase collection rates
  • Flexible payment options
  • Custom online and print statements
  • Insights into propensity-to-pay
  • Reduce the number of inbound calls by up 60% of your current volume
  • Increase payments and collect faster
  • Leading end-to-end patient payment platform
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Integrate into your current workflow
  • Improve the financial relationship between specialty care providers and their patients

The billing, payment, and reporting services of PatientPay are HIPAA and PCI Level 1 compliant



SaaSOptics offers a subscription management solution that provides features such as subscription billing, powerful subscription analytics, and revenue recognition. SaaSOptics enables early stage and growth SaaS and subscription-based businesses the ability to eliminate their dependency on spreadsheets and streamlines their financial operations and reporting and simplifies their reporting and financial operations. Its analytics engine provides insights on metrics such as churn, renewal rates, projections, CLV, cohort, ARR, and MRR. SaaSOptics presents two-way integration with QuickBooks and Salesforce, and connectors for Stripe and Recurly, allowing you to efficiently handle your company’s growth. The application also offers invoicing, GAAP-compliant revenue recognition and reporting, and analytics for monitoring important subscription metrics like customer lifetime value, churn, MRR/ARR, and more.

SaaSOptics robust analytics engine delivers all the SaaS analytics you need to run your subscription business: MRR, ARR, Cohort, CLV, Projections, Renewal Rates and Churn. SaaSOptics provides deep, two-way integration with Salesforce, QuickBooks, and connectors for Recurly and Stripe, allowing their customers to efficiently manage their business growth.

  • SaaSOptics offers the following benefits:
  • Streamlined order and renewal management
  • Efficient automated subscription billing and payments
  • Automatic GAAP-compliant revenue recognition
  • Comprehensive SaaS subscription metrics and analytics
  • One platform
  • Responsive support

SaasOptics follows generally accepted standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once it is received.


  1. SaaSOptics is The 2018 CODiE Award Winner for Best Billing and Subscription Management Solution
  2. SaaSOptics Ranks In The Inc. 5000 List Of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
  3. SaaSOptics Named One of Atlanta’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies by the Atlanta Business Chronicle

SaaSOptics is listed in Spring 2020 Subscription Billing .

SaaSOptics is trusted by such companies as Schoology, springbot, Bizzabo, Driven Insights, Gather voices.



Ordway provides a billing and revenue automation platform which empowers enterprises to improve their billing and finance processes. The platform modernizes the billing procedure end to end, removes the need for mistake-prone spreadsheets, time-consuming invoicing, and manual accuracy tests during the monthly close procedure. Ordway is flexible to meet clients’ modern demands, and optimized to assist corporations with their growth and enable them to manage the needs of their complex customers.

Ordway offers the following benefits:

  • Usage-based billing
  • Volume-based billing
  • Discounts and promotions
  • Subscription management
  • Automatic recurring billing
  • Tax calculator
  • Various revenue recognition methods
  • Multilingual support
  • Product activation and archiving
  • Project billing
  • Payment processing
  • Online invoicing and payments
  • Multi-currency
  • Mobile payments
  • Hourly billing
  • Dunning management
  • Customizable invoices
  • Contingency billing
  • Contact database

Ordway ensures compliance with IFRS and GAAP.

The company is listed in the Top 20 Subscription Management Software Products of 2020 by Crozdesk and was named among the finalists of the 2018-19 Cloud Awards in the Best Payment, Finance or Billing category. The company is one of the performers in the 2020 Spring Customer Success Report. Subscription Billing Category .

Ordway is trusted by such companies as Everhire, BAO systems, Aspire, Klara, Springboard Retail



Fusebill is a software platform that simplifies subscription billing management by automating many manual accounting, financial processes and workflows. Its cloud-based platform gives small and midsize companies the freedom to grow their businesses, the flexibility to capitalize on new product opportunities, and the agility to maintain a competitive edge. With the system, enterprises can easily adapt to alterations in promotions and products.

Fusebill offers the following benefits:

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Catalog and pricing
  • Customer service
  • Integrations
  • Reporting
  • Scalability and reliability
  • Subscription management

Fusebill protects credit card information according to PCI-DSS. Its software is PC1 level compliant. In the event that Fusebill becomes aware of a security breach, it will notify customers whose data is affected and describe the measures being taken to contain the breach.

Fusebill was among the winners of the 2018 Employees’ Choice Awards . The company is one of the performers in the 2020 Spring Customer Success Report. Subscription Billing Category .

Fusebill is trusted by such companies as GE, Business Insider, ClearPathGPS, Avionica, Uberflip, CloudPlus.


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