NEXA Insights: Surveys to Improve Advisory Business

NEXA insights provides client experience surveys & analytics and enables RIAs to research client opinions, analyze responses, maximize client retention, build client loyalty and better position themselves among prospective clients.

YCharts: Data Research Platform for the Modern Advisor

YCharts is a financial software company providing investment research tools including stock charts, stock ratings and economic indicators.

Robert Kirk

Founder & CEO of InterGen Data, Inc.

WealthTech Insights #69 with Robert Kirk. Use Cases for AI Data Analysis: Marketing and Early Warning of Life Events

With Robert Kirk, Founder & CEO of InterGen Data, we discuss whether AI can help advisors more accurately predict a life event and generate better marketing to drive more onboarding…

The “What” and “How” of Visualizing Investments

The “What” and “How” of Visualizing Investments

In wealth management, visualization is more than just displaying data. It helps with analyzing and interpreting data. In the article, we discuss several important aspects that are worth considering when…

Asset-Map: Sales and Education Financial Structure Visualization Tool

A visual communication tool for financial professionals to create a simple illustration of their clients complete financial landscape.

Emotomy: Value Delivery Chain from A to Z

Emotomy is helping financial advisors build, manage and market their own investment strategies.