Andrew Rudd

CEO and chairman at Advisor Software (ASI)

WealthTech Insights #45 with Andrew Rudd: Few Digital Advice Products Come Near what Individuals can Provide

Andrew Rudd, CEO and chairman at Advisor Software (ASI), shared his thoughts on up-to-date WealthTech trends, as well as how historical processes have shaped the current market conditions. ASI is…

iQuantifi: A Distinctive Robo-Planner to Help People Achieve Their Goals

iQuantifi is a RoboPlanner® that contracts with financial institutions to help their clients identify, prioritize and achieve their financial goals.

Susan Glover

President at Susan Glover & Associates, LLC

WealthTech Insights #38 with Sue Glover: Needs Should Define the Tech

Our next interview is with Sue Glover, a consultant for advisory companies. She has vast experience of working for different financial services companies in various positions. During the interview, Sue…

Aaron Klein

CEO of Riskalyze

WealthTech Insights #37 with Aaron Klein: Risk Alignment to Help Make Investment Decisions

Continuing our series of interviews with industry leaders, I talked to Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze. In the interview, we discussed the issues of risk assessment, how it can help…

Riskalyze: Risk Alignment to Help Advisors Serve Their Clients

Riskalyze empowers investment advisors to capture a quantitative measurement of client risk tolerance to find investments that fit them.

M1 Finance: Graphic Personalized Portfolio for Do-it-yourself Investors

M1 Finance is an automated investing platform providing highly customizable strategy management with a great digital interface for free.

Totum Risk: Thinking Outside the Box of “Just FinTech”

Totum is the digital risk tolerance questionnaire that helps financial advisors understand how much risk their clients can comfortably take based on their life situation.

Investment Methodology by Philip Wilson, AdvisoryWorld

Investment Methodology by Philip Wilson, AdvisoryWorld

On WealthTech Club, we publish an article by Philip S. Wilson, President and CEO of AdvisoryWorld. Philip offers a rationale for creating a clear, realistic and repeatable methodology for designing and…

Must-Know Wealth-Management Terminology for Software Developers

Must-Know Wealth-Management Terminology for Software Developers

When it comes to software for wealth-management platforms, development experience is not the only must-have for developers. Domain knowledge is a crucial factor in the successful execution of software. If…