Rebalancing and Trading Tools Overview: Part 2

Rebalancing and Trading Tools Overview: Part 2

Rebalancing software, one of the most important tools for financial advisors, helps advisors retain clients’ asset allocation and protect them from undesirable risks. We continue our overview of popular rebalancing…

Top Rebalancing and Trading Tools Overview

Top Rebalancing and Trading Tools Overview

Rebalancing software is considered one of the most influential forms of WealthTech technology because it is used on a regular basis to readjust levels of asset allocation and protect investors…

Ignition Advice: Australian Robo-Advisor is Going Global

Ignition Advice is a robo-advice specialist providing digital advice solutions in Australia and Europe.

Capitect: Portfolio Personalization Made Easy

The Capitect platform provides a technology solution to streamline the portfolio construction and rebalancing process for advisors.

Advisor Software (ASI): Extensive Set of Cloud Platforms and Solutions for Financial Advisors and Institutions

Advisor Software, Inc. is a leading provider of wealth management cloud platforms for financial advisors and institutions.

Alan Illing

CTO, Head of Technology at Bridge FT

WealthTech Insights #42 with Alan Illing: How the Tech Revolution is Shaping the Future of FinTech

Our series of expert insights continues with Alan Illing, CTO and head of technology at Bridge FT. In my interview with Alan, I learned a lot about his view on…

FinFolio: A Perfect Blend of Trading, Wealth Management, and Material Design

FinFolio is a software company that provides professional investment management software to investment advisors and money managers.

Bridge FT: Back-Office Automation for Smart RIAs

BridgeFT builds automated SaaS solutions for financial advisors to radically streamline their operations, enhance client interactions, and scale their businesses faster.

Chris Costello

Cofounder, Chairman at blooom

WealthTech Insights #41 with Chris Costello: Rebalancing and Revamping the FinTech Industry

With Chris Costello, cofounder and chairman of blooom, we discussed the current trends in financial technology, how rebalancing and tax optimization play a role in software development, and the underlying…