Wealthtech Beyond 2022: What Industry Trends Should You Follow?

Wealthtech Beyond 2022: What Industry Trends Should You Follow?

Some things never change, but some things are Fintech and nothing can hold them. While the wealth management segment has a long and heavy plume of tradition and a reputation…

Huygens Capital: Tactical B2C Robo-Advisor

Huygens is a tactical robo-advisor and liquid alternative investment manager.

Richard Hamm

Founder of Bristol Gate Capital Partners

WealthTech Insights #58 with Richard Hamm. How Machine Learning is Changing the Way We Invest

With Richard Hamm, founder of Bristol Gate Capital Partners, we discuss how artificial intelligence is disrupting the finance industry, what are the benefits of empirical advice, and how machines empower…

Bristol Gate Capital Partners: Merging Data Science and Fundamental Analysis

Bristol Gate uses machine learning in combination with fundamental analysis to construct high dividend growth portfolios.

Polaris Portfolios: Visual Plug-and-play Wealth Management

Polaris Portfolios is an automated investment service helping individuals and their families receive fiduciary-driven investment advice and achieve their financial goals.

New Constructs: The Most Precise Valuation Based on AI-Powered Fundamental Analysis

New Constructs provides the stock research tools online (alerts, research, ratings and screeners, ETFs and mutual funds), powered by machine learning.

Roland Collins

CTO and Cofounder of InvestEdge

WealthTech Insights #44 with Roland Collins: The Tech Horizon and its Impact on the FinTech World

Our series on experts and their insights into the world of FinTech continues with Roland Collins, cofounder and CTO of InvestEdge. Roland talked about what he sees brewing in FinTech,…

Alkanza: Customization, Gamification, and Behavioral Science

Alkanza is an investment advizory firm that offers an automated online investment service platform.

Lowell Putnam

Cofounder and CEO at Quovo

WealthTech Insights #29 with Lowell Putnam: Automated Solutions Eliminate the Human Component

With Lowell Putnam, co-founder and CEO at Quovo, we discussed trends disrupting the wealth-management industry, peculiarities of working with FinTech startups and financial enterprises, and expectations about the industry’s future.

Quovo: More than Just a Data Aggregator

Quovo is a data platform providing insights and connectivity for millions of financial accounts across thousands of institutions.