Lowell Putnam

Cofounder and CEO at Quovo

WealthTech Insights #29 with Lowell Putnam: Automated Solutions Eliminate the Human Component

With Lowell Putnam, co-founder and CEO at Quovo, we discussed trends disrupting the wealth-management industry, peculiarities of working with FinTech startups and financial enterprises, and expectations about the industry’s future.

Quovo: More than Just a Data Aggregator

Quovo is a data platform providing insights and connectivity for millions of financial accounts across thousands of institutions.

Microservices Architecture for WealthTech Projects

Microservices Architecture for WealthTech Projects

Nowadays, robo-advisors have become widespread. These services enable people with relatively low-value investable assets to benefit from online finance and portfolio management. Robo-advisors are automated tools that use a variety…