Equity Advisor Solutions: All-in-one Custodian for Any Type of Asset

Equity Advisor Solutions provides custody, technology and back-office solutions to RIA’s, Hybrids, TAMP’s and broker-dealers.

Hedgeable: Artificial Intelligence and Communication

Hedgeable is known as an innovator due to the AI module, investing strategies, and downside protection.

DriveWealth: Investing in US Securities from All Around the World

DriveWealth offers a SaaS platform and APIs to provide the US stock access to investors worldwide.

Technologies Used by Robo-Advisors for Backends (Infographics)

Technologies Used by Robo-Advisors for Backends (Infographics)

The efficiency of robo-advisors generally depends on algorithms selected. However, technology stack used for the software platforms has a significant impact on satisfying clients’ expectations such as the system performance,…