Embedded Finance Overview: Prospective Areas For Opportunities

Embedded Finance Overview: Prospective Areas For Opportunities

The embedded finance trend promotes a win–win approach that allows companies to grow a client base and keep them loyal in a competitive market. According to this paradigm, Fintechs are…

LifeYield: Revolutionizing the Way Americans Save and Invest

LifeYield, creator of the Taxficient Score®, is the industry innovator in facilitating tax-smart, risk-smart household portfolio management.

Harness Wealth: Identifying Smart Strategies to Maximize Wealth

Harness Wealth helps clients identify financial opportunities and avoid missteps. The company blends deep expertise, sophisticated technology, and personal service to identify strategies that unlock value and pair investors with advisers that turn those strategies into reality.

MoneyGuidePro: Financial Planning is Never Static

PIEtech, Inc. develops financial planning software for financial advisors in financial services industry. It offers MoneyGuidePro, an Internet-based financial planning software.

Jemstep: Robust Technology to Leverage Financial Advice

Jemstep is a wholly-owned, indirect subsidiary committed to maintaining an open investment platform for financial advisors, RIAs, IBDs, banks and insurers.