Paul Gamble

CEO of 55ip

WealthTech Insights #48 with Paul Gamble: Helping Financial Advisors Deliver Custom Investment Strategies at Scale

With Paul Gamble, CEO of 55ip, I spoke about the world of B2B WealthTech solutions and how they help advisors manage their businesses and serve their clients. He showed me…

iQuantifi: A Distinctive Robo-Planner to Help People Achieve Their Goals

iQuantifi is a RoboPlanner® that contracts with financial institutions to help their clients identify, prioritize and achieve their financial goals.

Alkanza: Customization, Gamification, and Behavioral Science

Alkanza is an investment advizory firm that offers an automated online investment service platform.

Luca Merolla

CEO at Guruvest

WealthTech Insights #32 with Luca Merolla: The Robo-Advisor of the Future Will Hold No Assets

With Luca Merolla, startup advisor and CEO of Guruvest, an open investment platform, we discussed the biggest trends in trading strategies and robo-advisor technology, we also talked about problems of…

ActiveAllocator: Digital Asset Allocation Platform with Technology-Enabled Customized Advice

ActiveAllocator is a digital asset allocation platform with technology-enabled customized advice capabilities.

Investment Methodology by Philip Wilson, AdvisoryWorld

Investment Methodology by Philip Wilson, AdvisoryWorld

On WealthTech Club, we publish an article by Philip S. Wilson, President and CEO of AdvisoryWorld. Philip offers a rationale for creating a clear, realistic and repeatable methodology for designing and…

WealthTech Cookbook. Portfolio Management Component. Part 2

WealthTech Cookbook. Portfolio Management Component. Part 2

We discuss the most important parts of investment portfolio management, such as investor profiling and the questionnaires this is based on; building an investment strategy and choosing an asset allocation,…