benjamin: AI Matters Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

benjamin helps advisors regain control of their time by streamlining processes and automating a myriad of time-consuming, yet imperative tasks so they can focus on what's truly important: their clients.

Empowering Financial Advisors with AI and Integrations

Empowering Financial Advisors with AI and Integrations

AI-driven technology allows advisors to have better insights into client data, cope with unsure markets, maximize their productivity, and attract a new breed of tech-savvy clients. With April Rudin, Lex…

WealthTech Digital Communication Tools Overview

WealthTech Digital Communication Tools Overview

Marketing efforts these days will have a significant impact on their decisions. Find the information about the top digital communication tools for the wealth management space.

Integrations and AI Help WealthTechs Save Advisors’ Time

Integrations and AI Help WealthTechs Save Advisors’ Time

In the article, we discuss two most popular topics at this year’s Technology Tools for Today (T3) conference, integrations and saving advisors’ time. WealthTech companies should think about how technology…

Davyde Wachell

Founder and CEO of Responsive AI

WealthTech Insights #76 with Davyde Wachell. How You Spend Your Money Is How You Spend Your Time: A Holistic Way…

The future of wealth management is in providing truly customized and powerful advice. Davyde Wachell, founder and CEO of Responsive AI, an AI-powered financial platform, believes that only high-profile financial…

Responsive AI: A Holistic Framework with Human-Centric AI

Responsive AI is the only enterprise wealth solution focused on machine intelligence enhanced human advice.

HiddenLevers: Business Intelligence That Keeps Risk under Control

HiddenLevers is a portfolio stress testing platform for financial advisors worldwide.

Robert Kirk

Founder & CEO of InterGen Data, Inc.

WealthTech Insights #69 with Robert Kirk. Use Cases for AI Data Analysis: Marketing and Early Warning of Life Events

With Robert Kirk, Founder & CEO of InterGen Data, we discuss whether AI can help advisors more accurately predict a life event and generate better marketing to drive more onboarding…

Brian McLaughlin

CEO of Redtail

WealthTech Insights #68 with Brian McLaughlin. Artificial Intelligence in Fintech – No Longer Just Hype

The AI revolution is coming in the form of machine-learning algorithms such as chatbots and smart data extrapolation, which can be used to analyze information and provide insights. Brian McLaughlin,…

InterGen Data: Predicting Life Events with AI Tech

InterGen Data is a data services provider of cloud-based artificial intelligence software solutions for the banking, financial services, and insurance industries