Integration Challenges in Fintech: ETL Processing

Integration Challenges in Fintech: ETL Processing

For technology platforms, data is the lifeblood. Let me show you what challenges you might encounter when integrating data streams from financial institutions and taking control of the process.

Cboe Global Markets: More Options, More Opportunities

Cboe Global Markets, Inc. (Cboe) is a global exchange operator that drive the global marketplace forward through product innovation, leading edge technology and seamless trading solutions.

BNP Paribas Asset Management: Leveraging the Banking Ecosystem with WealthTech Solutions

BNP Paribas Asset Management is the investment management arm of BNP Paribas, one of the world’s major financial institutions.

IBM Cloud for Financial Services: Bringing the Best of FinTech to the Cloud

The IBM Cloud for Financial Services is an ecosystem and open platform that brings together FinTech and financial services institutions to rapidly develop and share innovative applications, APIs, data and content on a secure, cloud platform to meet the unique business needs and challenges of banks, financial market institutions and insurance companies.

Eric Clarke

Founder and CEO of Orion Advisor Services

WealthTech Insights #62 with Eric Clarke. Overcoming Tech and Business Challenges: Best Practices for Financial Advisors

With Eric Clarke, founder and CEO of Orion Advisor Services, we discuss what advantages technologies give to advisors today. Eric explains what advisors should question when choosing technologies for their…

Orion Advisor Services: Innovative and Integrated Advisor Solutions

Orion Advisor Services is a privately held portfolio accounting service bureau for financial advisors.

Pitfalls of Integrating WealthTech Platforms

Pitfalls of Integrating WealthTech Platforms

The industry requires all FinTech players to be flexible, integrable, and snap-in. In this article, we pay attention to integrating platforms through API because it’s the most widespread type among…

Equity Advisor Solutions: All-in-one Custodian for Any Type of Asset

Equity Advisor Solutions provides custody, technology and back-office solutions to RIA’s, Hybrids, TAMP’s and broker-dealers.

FinMason: Redefining the Power of Analytics

FinMason is the independent investment analytics engine for financial services platforms.

Advisor Software (ASI): Extensive Set of Cloud Platforms and Solutions for Financial Advisors and Institutions

Advisor Software, Inc. is a leading provider of wealth management cloud platforms for financial advisors and institutions.