Copytalk: Unlimited Secure Mobile Transcription

Based on an interview with Maree Moscati,

CEO of Copytalk

Maree Moscati - WealthTech Club

Copytalk is a transcription service engineered to meet the financial-service industry’s uniquely rigorous standards of accuracy, privacy, and efficiency in the recording of dictated client-meeting notes and the preparation & delivery of transcriptions. The stakes are high: Even advisors who beat Warren Buffet’s returns would be fired if they breached the privacy of client conversations or if their meeting notes showed a tendency to misplace decimal points.

Maree Moscati is the Chief Executive Officer of Copytalk. But if her resume reads more like that of a highly accomplished financial-services executive, there’s good reason for that: For three decades that’s exactly what she has been. Holder of FINRA Series 24, 7 & 63 licenses, Maree spent 30 years exceeding her goals as a leader in the financial-services industry – first as a financial planner, then coaching others to similar gains as a Regional Sales Manager and later as a President and CEO in Wealth Management and Trust Services. She is the 2018 recipient of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bank Insurance and Securities Association.

To begin with, what makes your platform unique?

Maree Moscati: Copytalk makes unlimited secure mobile transcription available for a flat monthly fee. We also provide industry-leading security based around the use of U.S. facility-based transcriptionists. Financial advisors have a myriad of documentation requirements. They shouldn’t need to worry about what they’re being charged per line of text or the confidentiality of their dictated work. Copytalk addresses both of these concerns.

We have been providing mobile transcription services for 20 years which has allowed us to develop robust training and quality assurance practices. Additionally, Copytalk made the decision to focus on the financial services industry, which means that Mobile Scribe customers can have confidence that we can accurately recognize and respond to industry terms and jargon.

Copytalk | WealthTech Club

Corporate and Management Teams

Which of your decisions and/or implementations made Copytalk a success? What of them proved to be a good lesson for the future (if any)?

Maree Moscati: I and the management team realized early on that security was a critical differentiator for financial services. Designing a rigorous program that is constantly evaluated for improvements has served our clients well. Our security allows financial advisors the confidence to dictate the materials they need to meet their obligations and grow their business. 

How did you choose team structure, tech stack, project architecture for this product?

Maree Moscati: We perform all development and IT work internally. This allows us to meet—and more easily demonstrate that we’re meeting—the security requirements of our client organizations. Keeping a tight-knit internal team allows us to efficiently respond to product development initiatives.

Copytalk’s core solution is based on established technologies, which are demonstrably compatible with the security requirements in the financial services industry. We adopt new projects and technologies with a risk-based methodology that flows throughout the entire system development life cycle. We also integrate stakeholder feedback so that client-centric concerns drive our solutions.

Copytalk | WealthTech Club

Operations Management Team

Do you consider any new integrations? What criteria are characteristic for you when deciding to integrate a platform or not?

Maree Moscati: Copytalk is always looking for additional integrations. We evaluate new opportunities in the context of what will bring the most value to our customers. Copytalk’s internal team allows us the flexibility to work with published application interfaces or to perform custom integrations.

How do you engage advisors in shaping your tech product roadmap? Is that right to entrust the roadmap only to the end clients?

Maree Moscati: I’m a long time financial advisor and bring my perspective as an advisor to product roadmap discussions. My ties to the industry help give Copytalk additional credibility when we’re reaching out to advisors for feedback and input on new product initiatives.

Copytalk does not see end clients as a monolithic block – we realize that even within an individual organization, there are many valuable sources for feedback that may have distinct areas of concern. Meeting advisors’ needs is always a requirement, but the concerns from executive management, audit, and security standards all provide valuable feedback that assists Copytalk.

Copytalk | WealthTech Club

Development Team

Copytalk | WealthTech Club
Sirius, Chief Comfort Officer

Tell me more about the talent acquisition and onboarding processes at your company. Is that a problem to hire talented engineers today? What does it take to select people sharing your corporate values while having all the necessary skills?

Maree Moscati: Copytalk has been able to leverage our large operations workforce to identify and mentor promising individuals for technical and management positions. We benefit from the organizational knowledge that these staff members have, and the staff benefit from a diverse set of upward mobility options.

What impact did coronavirus make on your product and development teams?

Maree Moscati: Copytalk’s product and development teams were able to transition relatively seamlessly to the changes required by the coronavirus. As a vendor in the financial services industry, a core component of our security program is disaster recovery and business continuity. As part of our DR/BC processes we had established escalation triggers and responses as the pandemic proceeded.

If you could come back over time and build, for example, another business model, or choose another tech stack, etc., what exactly would you do the other way round and why?

Maree Moscati: We have served users at the individual, group, and enterprise levels. What we’ve seen is that the largest gains by our customers are made when they choose enterprise adoption of our services. At the enterprise level, we see more total documentation, unified standards on the use of the service, and the benefit of access to our most competitive rates.

Do you observe any prominent but underestimated service gaps in the market right now? Is there something that is able to surprise the community in the following few years?

Maree Moscati: We believe there are always opportunities to improve documentation. Copytalk offers our services over the phone, through our mobile applications, and as an embedded web control. Many of our customers utilize the service for free form dictation, but we also offer the opportunity to complete forms or deliver structured data to customers’ back end system or third party software. The surprise is the degree to which voice data is still underutilized as an efficient way to help organizations capture information.

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