Buy now, pay later—that’s the trend from the previous year. The whole world dived into an unpredictable market situation, which made us use cash wisely and reinvent the way we pay for goods and services. Buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) solutions helped millions of people pay for goods that they needed during the quarantine; the next few months, the share of BNPL businesses rose, and their revenues skyrocketed. 

Payment processing solutions are crucial to process payments made through BNPL solutions. Some companies have their own processing solutions, while others integrate existing payment processing (PSP) solutions. This type of integration allows companies to reach more merchants because they all use different payment processors.

In this article, we gathered information on what integrations with payment processors the most popular BNPL solutions have and how this influences their value.

Top BNPL Tools

Zip Co


Zip is a leading player in the digital retail finance and payments industry, offering point-of-sale credit and digital payment solutions. Zip is focused on offering transparent, responsible and fairly priced solutions to consumer’s and SME’s.

Investors: Westpac, National Australia Bank
Total: $421M

POS IntegrationsPC Eftpos, Retail Directions, Magenta POS, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Vend, Pronto (PC Eftpos), Retail Express, Microsoft Dynamics RMS (PC Eftpos), Counter Intelligence POS (PC Eftpos), ERPLY, Retail Edge, Think Software, Gumnut software, Sympac, Advance Retail, Solemate, Quest (Terminal Integration), Zenoti, Costar, POS Solutions, OSIPOS (Direct and PCEFTPOS integrations), Surefire Systems, Netsuite, Magestore, Software Of Excellence, Kronos – Konnect Spa and Salon Software, Neko Software, SimpleSalon, Biscount (PCEFTPOS), Megabus – Marlin GTX, Harmony POS (PCEFTPOS Only), Island Pacific (Full Direct POS).

Markets: Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States.

Top BNPL Tools



Afterpay allows shoppers to receive products immediately and pay in 4 simple installments. Cross Border Trade if enabled on your integration with Afterpay, allows you, the merchant to trade online with Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and United Kingdom shoppers.

Investors: $390M (Tencent Holdings)

PSP and POS Integrations: cegid, erply, bizflex, it visions, magenta retail, markinson, retaildirections, vendhq, cin7, niche fashion, simple salon, timely, osipos, retailexpress, hike.

Markets: Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United Kingdom.

Top BNPL Tools



Katapult provides a no credit required alternative to traditional financing. We partner with both online and brick and mortar retailers nationwide so they can provide purchasing power to the underserved sub-prime consumer market. This allows them to grow sales and attract an entirely new customer base.

Investors: CURO Financial Technologies, MissionOG, Blumberg Capital, Tribeca Venture Partners Total: $286M

PSP Integrations: Chargeafter, affirm, versatile credit.

Markets: USA.

Top BNPL Tools


Link: https://www.mash.com/

Mash is a reliable and flexible payment method. When you choose to use Mash at a payment terminal, you will receive an invoice sent to your home. You will then have 14 days to pay—or you can choose an installment plan. 

Investors: Finstar Financial Group, Fortress Investment Group. 

Total: $138M

PSP integrationsIngenico, Domec, Tink, Nets, Verifone.

Markets: Finland, Sweden, Poland, Spain (soon).

Top BNPL Tools



Laybuy is a fast-growing “Buy-Now-Pay-Later” provider with a market leadership position in New Zealand and a growing presence in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Investors: £80M from Victory Park Capital (Debt financing).

POS Integrations: Vend.

Markets: New Zeland; expansion into Australia and UK markets.

Top BNPL Tools


Link: https://viabill.com/

ViaBill provides a seamless financing solution for thousands of merchants and customers across the world. We’re increasing average order sizes, providing low transaction costs, and putting the customer in focus so they can get what they want when they want it.

Investors: BlackFin Capital Partners, e.ventures

Total: $57.3M

PSP Integrations: Merchants Connections; PayCafe; AltaPay; Manana; QuickPay; ePay; Optile; Centus.

Markets: Denmark, Norway, USA.


Link: https://www.limepay.com.au/index.html

Provider of payment services intended to allow retailers and merchants to own the payment process. The company brings together a native, white-label buy now pay later solution and the merchant payment gateway, enabling merchants to integrate an online payments platform with their own branding.

Investments: $27M in 2020

PSP Integrations: They have their own processing.

Markets: Australia.

Top BNPL Tools



FuturePay is a non-credit card payment option that allows shoppers to buy now and pay later from any device. A key distinction of the MyTab™️ payment option is that it’s a revolving credit line. This means an account can be opened and approved in seconds and then kept open indefinitely.

PSP integrations: PayCafe, Manana, Merchant Connections, Optile, Payzoff.

Markets: United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Ireland, Russia, Philippines, Germany, France, Netherlands, and others.

Top BNPL Tools



humm provides a seamless interest-free payment platform with repayment options from 10 weeks to 60 months, which makes the big things and the little things in life affordable. In July 2020, humm announced a partnership with BPAY, which means our customers can now use humm to pay for electricity bills, insurance premiums, school fees and more in easy slices, interest-free.

PSP Integrations: Advance Retail, vend, kitomba, magenta retail, pc-eftpos, quest payments system, retail directions, retail edge, tower systems, future business systems, sym-pac, striven.

Markets: Australia, New Zealand (soon).

Top BNPL Tools



By partnering with professional and essential service suppliers, Procuret allows business clients to pay for purchases in instalments over appropriate terms. Pay in Instalments’ is a swift and secure option that enables clients to pay invoices in instalments over terms that better match the nature of the product or service. It is located on the invoice, quote or e-commerce store of accredited suppliers, helping them convert quicker and better at any stage of the sales process.

PSP Integrations: Stripe, Xero.

Markets: Australia.

Top BNPL Tools


Link: https://partial.ly/

Latitude is an independent digital payment and finance company backed by decades of experience that combines start-up thinking with industry smarts.

PSP Integrations: Quickbooks, FreshBooks, Harvest, Stripe.

Guide: How can a BNPL solution grow?


Payment Processing Solutions to Integrate

Take a look at the most popular payment processors to identify gaps and growth points.

PayPal https://www.paypal.com/ua/home PayPal offers short-term, interest-free payments and other special financing options that buyers can use to buy now and pay later, while merchants still get paid up-front. Because pay later offers are included with PayPal Checkout, you won’t pay additional costs.
Stripe https://stripe.com/ Stripe is a global technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Businesses of every size from new startups to public companies like Salesforce and Facebook use the company’s software to accept online payments and run complex global operations. Stripe combines economic infrastructure with a set of applications for new business models like crowdfunding and marketplaces, fraud prevention, analytics, and more. Stripe navigates global regulatory uncertainty and partners closely with internet leaders like Apple, Google, Alipay, Tencent, Facebook, Twitter to launch new capabilities. Stripe wants to help more companies get started and thrive and ultimately to grow the GDP of the internet.
Adyen https://www.adyen.com/ Adyen is the payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, providing a modern end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard, and consumers’
Square https://squareup.com/us/en Square builds common business tools in unconventional ways so more people can start, run, and grow their businesses. When Square started, it was difficult and expensive (or just plain impossible) for some businesses to take credit cards. Square made credit card payments possible for all by turning a mobile phone into a credit card reader. Since then Square has been building an entire business toolkit of both hardware and software products including Square Capital, Square Terminal, Square Payroll, and more.
CardConnect https://cardconnect.com/ CardConnect, a First Data company, provides solutions for businesses accepting bank card transactions, storing sensitive data and seeking to push the boundaries of innovation. Since its inception, CardConnect has quickly grown to process billions in transactions each year for more than 67,000 businesses across the U.S., ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local coffee shops. Our mission is to make accepting payments as simple and easy as possible while providing unmatched security for our customers.
PaySimple https://paysimple.com/ PaySimple is the leading payments management solution for service-based businesses and a division of EverCommerce. Developed for the unique needs of service-based businesses, PaySimple delivers flexible payment and billing solutions that are preferred by over 20,000 businesses each day. Unlike our competitors, PaySimple is committed to personalized service. Our customers receive unmatched, personal support with our dedicated customer success and care teams. With a robust API, PaySimple is a trusted technology partner for payment integrations; natively handling cashflow within SaaS products and mobile applications.
Boku https://www.boku.com/ Boku Inc. is one of the world’s leading providers of carrier commerce and mobile identity solutions. Boku’s technology platform, which is linked to more than 177 mobile network operators worldwide, verifies user identity, executes payments, and provisions new services, simplifying daily mobile interactions between consumers and digital organizations. Boku’s technology platform is used in over 59 countries with over 815 million verified transactions in 2019, contributing $5 billion to the digital economy. Businesses that currently employ Boku’s platform to simplify sign-up, acquire new paying users and prevent fraud include global leaders such as Apple, Discover, Experian, Facebook, Fiserv, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, Sony, Spotify, Uber and Western Union.
Checkout https://www.checkout.com/ Checkout.com empowers businesses to adapt, innovate, and thrive with the connected payments they deserve. The company’s technology makes payments seamless. Flexible solutions, granular data, and instant insights help global enterprises launch new products in new markets and create outstanding customer experiences. They provide the fastest, most reliable payments in more than 150 currencies, with in-country acquiring, world-class fraud filters and reporting, through one API. And they can accept all major international credit and debit cards, as well as popular alternative and local payment methods.
BluePay http://bluepay.com/ BluePay and First Data are now Fiserv ( We’ve united to create a global leader in payments and financial technology, serving thousands of financial institutions and millions of merchants and businesses in more than 100 countries. Together, we’ll help our clients achieve best-in-class results through a commitment to innovation and excellence in everything we do. As Fiserv, we aspire to move money and information in a way that moves the world.
Clover Network https://www.clover.com/ Clover, a Fiserv company, builds the largest open-architecture point of sale solution aimed at small & medium sized business owners. Our products are changing the consumer/merchant experience for the better, opening avenues for seamless customer-merchant interactions. There are five versions of Clover, including the Clover Station, Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, Clover Go, and Clover Flex. With Clover, Fiserv is aiming to create the largest open architecture operating system for commerce-enabling solutions and applications for business owners.
Dwolla https://www.dwolla.com/ Dwolla enables businesses to programmatically send and receive funds. With Dwolla, connect to the ACH Network to facilitate payments and instantly verify bank accounts while keeping control of the entire user experience.

BNPL solutions become more successful when they integrate many payment processors. This enables them to reach more merchants and increase their market share before competitors occupy it. That’s why it’s valuable to know what solutions are integrated with PSPs and which processors they choose to have in place.


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