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Cookies Policy


Cookies are special files which websites create on your device to identify you or remember some information about you and your use of a website. There are cookies on this website.


Cookies collect some data about you and how you use our website. For example, they collect data about your device, your IP address. They also collect data about pages you visit on our website and how long you stay on those pages.


Cookies are used for improving the quality of our website and ensuring its adequate performance.



The cookies we use on this website are divided into three categories: Session cookies, First-party cookies, Third-party cookies.


Session cookies

Session cookies are temporary. They exist only during one session of visiting our website. When you close the website, they are destroyed. These cookies are essential to ensure functionality of our website.


First-party cookies

First-party cookies are cookies which are connected with our website. All data collected with such cookies will be accessed and used only by us. Such data will be used by us for improving performance and quality of our website. 


Third-party cookies

These cookies are provided by third parties, who are mentioned below. These third parties process your data and access it. These cookies are cookies used for analytics, they help us to understand how many users access our website and how they use it, so that we can improve our website quality and performance. Third-party cookies we use are:


  • Google Analytics

This cookie helps us to know the amount of visitors to our website and which pages of our website do they visit.

  • Google Tag Manager

This cookie is used by us to manage all other cookies used on our website.

  • Hubspot Admin Widget

This cookie is used by us to administer the website.

  • Hubspot Analytics Widget

This cookie allows us to see traffic data. We can see traffic by its source, topic cluster, device type, country, etc.

  • Hubspot Heatmap Widget

This cookie helps us to analyze which parts of our website are used by visitors the most. We use this data to analyze the quality of our website.

We will update this Cookies Policy whenever we change the way we use cookies, including any changes in the list of cookies. Please check this Policy from time to time to be aware about any possible changes.