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WealthTech Weekly: November 4, 2022

Welcome to the news highlights of this week.

- TIFIN reveals a new unique personalization tool.

- Sidekick gathers millions to democratize wealth management.

- FLX Networks nets $10m to reinforce its technology.

- deserv. reaches a historical mark.

- Industry Research publishes a report on the state of Wealthtech.

- Wealthtech startups are transforming millennials’ relationship with investment.

Let’s get a better view of that.

Big names, new names

TIFIN has brought in a revolutionary platform that operates on a mix of AI, ML, and data science for investors who crave high-level personalization.

Read more here.


Wealth management startup Sidekick has netted £3.33m pre-seed. The team plans to use the money to make the tech of HNWI class accessible to a broader audience.

Read more here.


FLX Networks has scooped $10m to get to the new level the engagement between asset and wealth engagement businesses. Barings lead the growth equity round.

Read more here.


India’s top portfolio management provider deserv. has hit a milestone of Rs 1000 crore ($122 million as of November 2022). 

Read more here.

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Bigger picture

Catch a new WealthTech Solutions Market research report 2022 from Industry Research. You’ll find data on prominent market players, main trends, and growth outlooks.

Read more here

Wealthtech startups are leading millennials to better investments. In this material by Financial Express, learn how the industry helps shrink the distance between expert advice and individual investors and take the headache out of investment decision-making.

Read more here.

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