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WealthTech Weekly: March 3, 2023

Welcome to the Wealthtech Weekly, your roundup of the latest news and trends in the fintech industry.

What’s going on:

  • Ritholtz Wealth Management buys BlackRock's business spinoff
  • Euronext and Allfunds no longer have a deal
  • Orion reveals a new compliance tool
  • Wealth Dynamix has a new Chief Strategy Officer
  • BridgeFT receives a 2023 Wealth Management Award
  • Equisoft nets funding to back its expansion
  • New survey pins vectors of Wealthtech’s evolution
  • Advisors are increasingly willing to invest in Wealthtech solutions

Let’s zoom in on these updates.

Big moves

Ritholtz Wealth Management has acquired BlackRock's FutureAdvisor robo-advisory business. This acquisition will help Ritholtz Wealth Management expand its digital capabilities and offer more personalized financial advice to its clients.

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The last week’s digest mentioned Euronext offering an acquisition deal to Allfunds. A week after, Euronext takes it back, raising a lot of confusion in the industry. The move is said to come after Allfunds' owners rejected Euronext's offer, which was deemed too low, while Euronext claims its due diligence results made it change its mind.

Regardless of the true reason behind the break, the price moves for shares of both companies changed the direction: Euronext grew by 5% and Allfunds lost 13%.

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Orion has launched a revolutionary compliance technology tool that will be integrated into its connected Wealthtech stack. The new tool will help advisors and firms better manage client data and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Wealth Dynamix has appointed a new Chief Strategy Officer to help drive the company's growth and expansion into new markets. The new executive will be responsible for developing and executing strategic plans and partnerships.

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BridgeFT has been named the best data information provider at the 2023 Wealth Management Awards. The cloud-native company provides comprehensive data solutions for wealth management firms and advisors to enable data-driven client outcomes and has recently released a next-gen WealthTech-as-a-Service platform.

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Equisoft, a premier Wealthtech provider, has secured new funding to further develop its digital solutions for the wealth management industry. The new funding will help the company expand its product offerings and strengthen its market position.

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Bird’s eye view

A recent survey found that advisors are increasingly willing to invest in Wealthtech solutions to improve their businesses. What they are looking for is more integrated and personalized solutions to better serve their clients.

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A new report highlights how Fintech is transforming the finance industry, including Wealthtech. The report identifies key trends and areas of growth, including AI-powered investment management and the use of blockchain for secure data management.

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