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WealthTech Weekly: March 10, 2023

Welcome to the Wealthtech Weekly, your roundup of the latest news and trends in the fintech industry.

What’s going on:

  • U.S. Regtech Droit nets $23m to expand in Wealthtech
  • Everest Consolidator Acquisition Corp. gets an extension for its deal completion
  • Orion goes ChatGPT-driven
  • Croesus revives its long-term collaboration with a second big-five Canadian bank
  • AdvisorHub shares three ways how to make your customer experience seamless
  • Women in tech share how to battle inequality and boost financial inclusion

Let’s get a better view of what's happening.

Big moves

Droit, a Regtech provider of intelligent compliance tools for companies like Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and UBS, has raised $23m in its Series B round. The funds will fuel its expansion into wealth management with new products for a more transparent decision-making infrastructure for leading financial instritutions.

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Everest Consolidator Acquisition Corp. gets three months as an extension from its board of directors. Adam Dooley, the founder and CEO of Belay International, created the SPAC aiming to help the founders grow their Wealthtech businesses, not as a tool for a takeover. For now, it seems like 2022, challenging for SPACs, shoots its lack of luck well into 2023 for Everest. But hopefully, we won’t see so many SPACs collapse this time.

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Orion Advisor Tech now uses ChatGPT’s capabilities for everything from marketing materials to website code updates. With more integrations coming soon, the company plans to tap into the ChatGPT search engine, too.

For advisors, this adoption means taking the writing of proposals and emails from hours of work to several clicks. Let's wait and see if Orion got it right, and if the mix of automation and personalization strikes the balance for the clients.

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Croesus will continue its collaboration with two of the five biggest chartered banks in Canada. One of the partnerships has been spanning for 13 years insofar. 

Supported by the company’s wealth management solutions, the banks can better serve their customers in Canada and worldwide by integrating the latest tech innovations.

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Bird’s eye view

Client experience is fundamental to the success of Wealthtech companies. But outdated systems are far from capable of keeping that experience top of the charts. 

Catch three ways to modernize your offering and ensure your clients adore it.

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Yesterday we celebrated International Women’s Day, which in Wealthtech comes as a reminder that women in financial technology still lack representation compared to men for various reasons.

Following the day when we recognize women globally, eleven female tech leaders from a range of Fintech companies share their views on how to drive equality in management and finance, dwelling on financial inclusion, wealth creation, and workplace diversity.

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