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WealthTech Weekly: January 27, 2023

Welcome to the news highlights of this week.

What’s going on:

- Wealthbox adds executives to its leadership team

- BridgeFT launches a new API offering

- FNZ buys US startup YieldX

- Vestmark launches six direct-index SMA strategies

- AnaCap’s spin-off gets Edward Green as CEO

- AI is no threat but a boon for professional advisors. For now.

- The majority of financial services firms admit the need to prioritize digital transformation

Let’s dive into the details.

Big moves

Wealthbox expands its executive team. The leadership welcomes Erin Bickford from Global Payments (new VP of Marketing), Shawn Preisler from Riskalyze (new Senior VP of Revenue), and Mike Leone from Wealthbase (new VP of Engineering).

The team expansion following the last year’s Series B will turbocharge the company’s scaling.

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BridgeFT, a major wealth infrastructure provider, has announced the launch of its WealthTech-as-a-Service platform. The offering, WealthTech API, is the first platform that connects users to multi-custodial data, analytics, and critical apps through an open API. BridgeFT believes the solution revolutionizes how clients can access and make the most of financial data.

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FNZ wealth manager has acquired a US Wealthtech start-up YieldX planning to integrate its technology into its platform. The move will let FNZ’s clients quickly identify the best fixed-income options that fit their goals. 

YieldX has become the third FNZ’s acquisition since the beginning of 2022, enabling the company’s further global expansion.

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Vestmark has announced a launch of Focused Index Portfolios—six direct-index, separately managed account strategies in collaboration with S&P Dow Jones. With investment minimums at $100,000, investors can choose stock tilts and get broader exposure to areas long out of comfortable reach, even for high-net-worth investors.

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Edward Green has entered, a spin-off of AnaCap and a premier UK analytical intelligence provider for alternative asset management firms, as its new CEO. Taking the lead, Green will invest his 19 years of experience within private equity, private credit, and real estate and management experience at AnaCap.

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For now, the advances in Wealthtech do not exacerbate the conflict of “advisors vs. robo advisors.” Instead, they pave the way for top-class advisors to gain a competitive edge in the underserved market of wealthy and ultra-wealthy clients.

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Competition from “digitally native” businesses forces financial companies to put digital transformation first. A new study from Broadridge reveals that 57% of financial firms put digital transformation in a first priority among their strategic initiatives. Learn more findings by the link below.

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