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WealthTech Weekly: February 24, 2023

Welcome to the Wealthtech Weekly, your roundup of the latest news and trends in the fintech industry.

What’s going on:

  • Addepar reveals a new updates pack
  • Dynasty Financial Partners reveals a partnership with BridgeFT
  • Euronext eyes Allfunds and throws an indicative offer
  • Vanilla snatches a prestigious reward
  • Orion reveals a new all-in-one suite based on its recent acquisitions
  • TrustQuay joins forces with ViewpointLet’s zoom in on that

Let’s zoom in on these updates.

Big moves

Addepar announced the addition of new tools, and it's quite a boon for its users. Clients can now use the GICS methodology to smarten their investment research and portfolio management. The framework helps investors choose the best options by comparing markets and portfolios by sectors in detail. 

In addition, in its February updates, Addepar revealed the U.S. investor sentiment for January. Based on its Investor Sentiment Index, the company observed that net trading activity approached historic lows.

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Following the launch of a new API offering this January, BridgeFT, a major provider of cloud-based technology for investment advisors, and the premier Florida-based Wealthtech Dynasty Financial Partners signal a strategic partnership. As Dynasty’s data partner, BridgeFT will receive investment to support its Wealthtech infrastructure with next-level custodial data aggregation. 

For Dynasty, a leader in the U.S. Wealthtech market, it’s a crucial move to gain speed in its software performance, cut cost, and get a tailored architecture fit for scaling.

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B2B wealthtech Allfunds caught the eye of exchange operator Euronext and received an indicative offer. The sum revealed reaches €5.5 billion, which makes it €8.75 per share. For now, there is no confirmation that the parties will proceed with the transaction.

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Vanilla, a leading wealthtech streamlining estate planning, was honored at the Second Annual WealthTech Americas Awards 2023 as the best startup. The company is on a mission to provide its advisors with a clear estate picture for helping clients make the best possible decision. To take complexities and confusion out of the planning, Vanilla offers a visual platform that is truly next-gen.

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Orion has consolidated its powers by integrating its three latest acquisitions: Redtail CRM, HiddenLevers, and BasisCode Compliance. Now its fiduciary advisors can enjoy a seamless all-in-one experience that allows them to focus on their relationships with new and existing clients. To fully benefit from the integration, users can opt for Orion Stacks at a discount price, compared to purchasing each module separately.

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Wealth management software company Viewpoint teams up with a UK-based provider of tech for trust services and alternative fund administration TrustQuay. The companies partner to transform trust, corporate, and fund services with enhanced digitalization and innovation for more than 46,000 users.

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