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WealthTech Weekly: December 9, 2022

Welcome to the news highlights of this week.

What’s going on:

- Linqto partners with “a Fintech visionary” Farther

- Aviso Wealth credit union partners will benefit from its collaboration with CapIntel

- Pimfa gets a new senior hire

- Docupace's PreciseFP releases new enterprise engagement model and more

- WSR announces its Wealth Exemplar Awards winners

- Wealth management is named one of the top 5 transformative Fintech areas in 2023

- Financial advice sees a promising interest jump from investors

Let’s move on to the details.

Big names, new names

Linqto, a private equity investment platform, has announced a strategic partnership with a next-gen wealth manager Farther. The collaboration will let Farther’s advisors offer their clients investment opportunities with the world’s most demanded tech unicorns and private companies. 

Given Farther’s intensive growth, Linqto’s enormous innovative potential might birth a new chapter in Wealthtech.

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Aviso Wealth will empower Canadian credit union advisors with CapIntel’s tech. Streamlined workflow, engaging visuals, and efficient analytics will allow advisors to match the increasing demand for more transparent and informed investment in Canada.

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David Ostojitsch takes the lead in government relations and policy at the UK’s Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association (PIMFA). His main task will be ensuring that Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and government take into account the needs of wealth managers, financial advisers and consumers to make financial advice more accessible, fight financial fraud, and foster inclusion in the industry.

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Docupace’s PreciseFP, a top-class platform for client engagement and data gathering, has presented improved and unified data-collecting workflows. This platform is a mature solution for large enterprise wealth management firms, with a background in spearheading relevant data gathering.

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Big numbers

Time to learn the names of the first Annual WSR Wealth Exemplar Awards winners. Initiated by Wealth Solutions Report (WSR) platform for industry leaders, this award recognizes major pacemakers in the wealth management segment.

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As for wealth management itself, it will be one of the main areas of disruption in 2023. Learn why the global Wealthtech market might triple in size six years from now.

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Financial advisors are now at the center of investors’ attention. Global uncertainty, creeping interest rates, and unceasing inflation make even seasoned investors seek professional advice.

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