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WealthTech Weekly: December 16, 2022

Welcome to the news highlights of this week.

What’s going on:

- Docupace launches RIA Productivity Suite for streamlined operations

- Trovata to host JP Morgan’s Morgan investment app

- WealthKernel teams up with tendy

- Moneyfarm to acquire 100% of Profile Pensions

- New technology spurs the Wealthtech market growth

- Navigator Investment Services reveals Gen Z investor sentiment and more

Let’s move on to the details.

Big names, new names

A premier provider of cloud-based software for wealth managers, Docupace officially launched RIA Productivity Suite, a set of tools for streamlined and automated operations. Serving some of the biggest industry clients, Docupace identified the rising demand for enterprise-level operation optimization software and made sure to bridge the gap.

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Trovata, an open banking platform for cash management, has joined forces with JP Morgan. The partnership will improve access to higher yields on corporate investing for Travata’s customers.

With real-time transactions and quick fund comparison across different options, corporate treasury investors will get a high-demand and fully integrated platform.

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WealthKernel, a leading Wealthtech provider of savings, investment and pension infrastructure, will help improve financial literacy in teenagers. The company will power tendy, a UK educational investment platform for teens.

By the way, Allied Market Research expects the digital education market to strike $125.3 bn globally by 2031 at 26% CAGR. Financial literacy might be one of the best areas to explore.

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The UK Wealthtech Moneyfarm intends to buy 100% of Profile Pensions. What sum the digital pension adviser and pensions consolidator will receive has not been disclosed.

With this move, Moneyfarm aims to deepen and amplify its outreach in UK and Italy.

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Bigger picture

As AI and blockchain get wider adoption, they enable the growth of small and medium-sized Wealthtech businesses. This, in turn, accelerates the development of the global Wealthtech market, which is expected to rise annually by 13.9% within the next years. Learn which segments are expected to expand the fastest and what else is driving the industry growth.

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Can Wealthtech go too digitized? Navigator Investment Services has posted a new report that reveals the most recent investor sentiment about the robo and human advisors. Also, you’ll find infographics and insights on the new wealth generation and more.

Read more here.

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