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WealthTech Weekly: July 22, 2022

Welcome to the news highlights of the week.

What’s going on: Abrdn looks to sell its private equity business, SunTech welcomes ex-IBM exec, FNZ adds New Access to its buys, Orion snaps up Townsquare Capital, Moniflo goes beta, Tifin acquires SharingAlpha, Deutsche Bank widens its Wealthtech reach to Belgium, and Seccl starts powering GreenGrowth. Let’s put it into context.

Abrdn is preparing the ground for a sale of its private equity business. It’s another move in the company’s buy-sell sequence aimed at growing its digital muscle.

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Pramod Perumparambil, former IBM executive, has joined SunTec as the new chief strategy and transformation officer. He’ll tap into his 20+ years of experience and IBM's Software Lab background to maximize SunTec’s potential and boost its performance.

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The top four acquisitions of this week look like this:

  • Orion Advisor Solutions has snapped up TownSquare Capital. The buy came a month after Orion had closed a deal with Redtail Technology. Read more here.

  • Wealthtech FNZ has purchased Swiss New Access as part of its private banking investment saga. The next step in expansion, this buy will concrete the company’s presence in the Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg markets. Read more here.

  • Tifin goes international acquiring SharingAlpha, a platform for professional investors. Read more here

  • GreenGrowth has put Seccl API at work for “the first carbon footprint-based investment platform” in the industry. According to the team’s expectations, the app will become revolutionary for the DIY investment market. Read more here.

New European charge-fee Wealthtech Moniflo has got wraps off in beta, with the full launch planned for later this year. The app will empower conscious investors with transparent investment options.

Read more here.

Deutsche Bank has unveiled a collaboration with Wealthtech Abbove. The bank’s plan for the partnership is to leverage Abbove’s newly-launched Wealthtech platform to build a profitable spot in Belgium’s private banking sector.

Read more here.

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