How to build a winning engineering culture

The culture of an engineering team is the DNA that defines the principles a group of engineers will use to make decisions about technology, strategy, and planning. Wherever you work, you want to contribute to the evolution of the engineering culture to build scalable, cross-functional, and successful teams. This article will help you find out how to achieve that.


Business Analysis for Fintechs: What Tech Leaders Need to Know

A deepdive assessment of your business processes and functions may reveal that you could do much better, even if you perform just fine.

For financial service companies, business analysis is necessary to optimize the workflow. For startups, it’s a chance to play it safe. Cases differ, but BA is still a king.

In this article, you’ll learn how to use BA’s power effectively. Find out what are the key considerations when performing business analysis and how different types of Fintechs can benefit from it. Plus, get checklists for doing a business analysis that works.


Use Cases: How to Implement Predictive Analytics in FinTech
“For every human, there are 2.5 million ants on Earth.” — that’s analytics. Predictive analytics can tell you how many ants per human we will have in 100 years. What can it do in Fintech?

Find out the benefits and challenges of predictive analysis in the Fintech industry, where you can apply it, and how to best implement it in your product or service.

P.S. What do you think: can the 2.5 million ants nature has in store for you outweigh you? Find out at the end of the article.


Solutions Development For Enterprise Fintech

Discover how we can help you solve business challenges using technological, managerial, and financial expertise of our software engineering experts!