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Our Dynamic Tech Partnerships
Unleashing Innovation

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We tap the highest standard solutions to facilitate our design and development services.

INSART has become a participant in Schwab OpenView MarketSquare, an online resource in which advisors who custody with Schwab Advisor Services can find product ratings and reviews based on the collective, real-world experiences of fellow advisors.

Through that partnership INSART gets access to the Veem Developer Platform to build applications that provide innovative, creative and better use of Veem services.

INSART provides B2B eCommerce solution development services based on the OroCommerce platform. This partnership allows INSART to use the power of OroCommerce platform as a ground for end-solution development depending on the ongoing business needs of its clients.

INSART is certified to Hydrogen APIs to build end-user FinTech products for its clients. We also can help with no-code integrations for our clients.

INSART uses Xignite API to get quality financial data from one single source of information.

Informational partners

INSART supports Fintech communities and projects to expand the technical and financial expertise of current and future consultants.

California Fintech Network is a non-profit trade organization for professionals, founders, executives, and investors that work and invest in the financial technology sector. We aim at providing business intelligence and bespoke events to the global digital finance industry.

FinTech Circle is on a mission to create the world's leading fintech ecosystem and a platform connecting, investing, educating, and generating opportunities for finance professionals and tech entrepreneurs.

InsurTech Book is the handbook for investors, entrepreneurs, and fintech visionaries.

PayTech Book is the only globally crowdsourced book on the future of payments, offering a comprehensive understanding of a rapidly evolving industry at the center of global commerce

Local communities we support in our R&D locations

We join initiatives aimed at developing financial literacy and training new technicians.

This way we take care of the financial literacy of our consultants and work on growing the INSART technical community. Also, we help improve the quality of and democratize access to technical education for younger generations.

Kyiv Invest Meetup is a community of financiers, where participants reveal cases of success and mistakes. Our consultants participate in these activities to get a better understanding of the finance domain.

Kharkiv IT Cluster is an organization that unites all major IT players in Kharkiv, where we also have an office. INSART is a co-founder of Kharkiv IT Cluster, which is the biggest IT companies association in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Leadership Academy is an academy for ambitious young people who want to take responsibility for their company, city, or country. We encourage our consultants to join activities from the Academy.

National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" is the alma mater of many current and future developers joining the IT environment. They have a good relevant education and a willingness to work in the market.

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