Vasyl Soloshchuk
9 July 2020

Top Cybersecurity Training Courses for Onboarding

An employee and a user stand on the new borderline of security. It’s not enough to know cybersecurity rules at the management level because the bad guys don’t choose them as a target. The real danger is your employees’ illiteracy in how to act when being attacked, how to see that the organization is being attacked, and what to do to minimize the risk of an attack. That’s why your onboarding process must involve security training if you want to be successful in Fintech.

The market is full of cybersecurity training sessions; basically, they can be divided into several groups: free self-education courses at aggregating platforms such as Udemy, self-paced online courses with the ability to join other learners’ community, courses with a mentor, and fundamental courses with authoritative mentors and a substantial duration. For most of the needs of Fintechs, the first two are the best fit because they are brief, flexible, and have a moderate cost.

The following pick of tools is the most relevant for the needs of a CTO, who onboards a team of engineers or would just like to ensure that the company is safe and provide more growth opportunities for the current teams.

KnowBe4 Banner



“You could spend a fortune purchasing technology and services, and your network infrastructure could still remain vulnerable to old-fashioned manipulation.” — Kevin Mitnick

KnowBe4 is a platform for your employees to learn about the most widespread cybersecurity threats, to test your organization’s security, to test how many people will fail to do the right thing during the attack, and to get advice on what to do to fix things. The course consists of small modules devoted to different threats and vulnerabilities, orchestration, governance, risk, and compliance, allowing you to choose those that are the most relevant and that match the time frame of your onboarding session.

For example, we at INSART have chosen the following courses as compulsory for anyone who joins the Fintech engineering teams:

  • Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training (45 min)
  • Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training (15 min, version for management)
  • Creating Strong Passwords (10 min)
  • GDPR (10 min)
  • Handling Sensitive Information (15 min)
  • Mobile Device Security (15 min)
  • PCI Compliance Simplified (15 min)
  • Safe Web Browsing (10 min)
  • The Danger Zone (10 min)
  • Your Role, Internet Security, and You (13 min)
  • Danger Zone Exercise (5 min)
  • Safe Web Browsing (5 min)
  • Executive Series Micro-Modules (19 min)
  • Captain Awareness Series (16 min)

One of the interesting things KnowBe4 provides is a fun and effective cybersecurity best practice to patch the last line of defense: users. It is the phishing test that enables you to find out what percentage of your employees are phish-prone. The test is free and shows the real picture of your employees’ security skills. Also, they provide free tools to create secure passwords and foster security awareness as well as phishing, email, and malware security protection.

Pricing: custom quote only.

Cisco Netacad Logo

Introduction to Cybersecurity


Cisco provides an online instructor-led, self-paced cybersecurity course that is best for beginners to get to know the basics of cybersecurity during the 15 hours. Generally, the training is free and allows access to materials and communication with other learners. For taking the course with an instructor, there’s a fee that is determined by the institution in a custom mode.

What makes this course different is that it allows you to get a virtual badge for a Linkedin profile upon completion. The course outline is as follows:

  •     Global implications of cyber threats
  •     The impact of cyber-attacks on industries
  •     Understanding the ways in which networks are vulnerable to attack
  •     Cisco’s approach to threat detection and defense

Pricing: free.