6 February 2020

PAYTECH Innovation Conference, February 6, 2020

London, Great Britain
February 6, 2020

The PAYTECH Book authors & special guest present the payment technology handbook for investors, entrepreneurs & finance visionaries.

Speakers include:

Teresa Connors, Director, Market Engagement, NatWest

Bruna Esin, Lawyer, Brazilian Bar Association

Anna Maj, FinTech Leader, PwC

Imran Ali, Managing Principal, Answer Digital Payments

Anna Tsyupko, CEO, Paybase

Agenda topics:

  • Future trends in the payments industry – a blueprint for change
  • Collaboration between paytech startups and established payments leaders
  • Payment Systems Infrastructures and Money Transfer Technologies
  • New technologies shaping the future of payments and financial inclusion
  • Trends and focus of regulation in crypto-assets
  • Central bank digital coins – are stablecoins the future or the present?
  • Future of libra and other crypto-tokens

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