22 October 2020

How Engineer Team Scaling Landed Paddle in the Fast 50


Originally published at Digital Hunters’ blog by David Wicks

Podcast with Andy Savage, ex-CTO at Paddle

Before joining Paddle, Andy founded several technology companies – Calq (big data platform for in-app analytics) and Noisy Duck (a social gaming company). Earlier he was Technical Director at Mobedia. Since 2016 Andy led the technology wing at Paddle, for instance, he drove a major team scaling, which was discussed in the Digital Hunters podcast. Deloitte Fast 50 named Paddle the fastest growing software company in the UK as it has tripled revenue every year since its launch in 2012.

As part of a podcast series on fast-paced companies, Andy sat down with David Wicks to chat about the way he has scaled Paddle, and in particular his engineering team. Also, take a look at Andy’s notes after the podcast on the blog of Paddle.

Paddle is an all-in-one SaaS Commerce platform for software and SaaS companies to run and grow their business. The platform allows hundreds of companies to rely on the e-commerce platform to sell their software products globally, as well as use powerful analytics and marketing tools to understand and grow their businesses.

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