16 January 2020

Greg Yee: Small Teams Allow For Flexibility


When you are small, agile, and keep the focus of your company, you can test the market and implement the findings quicker. In this episode, we’re having a talk with Greg Yee, founder, and CTO at Capitect Inc, an innovative advisor technology platform. If you want to know more about the benefits of being a small company and what practices are special for a CTO in Fintech, this podcast is for you.


0:13 Greg’s background. Work in Capitect
2:28 Regulations are a special concern for a Fintech CTO
4:07 The CTO evolution in a startup
7:17 Why small teams keep the company agile
10:17 Focus allows startups testing the market
13:39 How to choose the stack that won’t stale
15:52 About service-oriented, API-based backend
18:03 Refactoring, version control, and testing
22:39 The importance of keeping up with the cycle
25:11 Learn a little bit of everything
30:01 Automate everything you can!
33:55 A platform that helps advisors scale their service
37:40 Customer education is the biggest challenge
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