Vasyl Soloshchuk
3 September 2020

Everybody Should Have a Voice—How We Prioritize Ideas at YCharts

Excerpts from an interview with Caleb Eplett, CPO of YCharts

YCharts is a financial software company providing investment research tools, including stock charts, stock ratings, and economic indicators. It builds an ever-expanding financial and economic data set—as well as the tools to access and interpret that data—to help investors and business people make better decisions. YCharts and YCharts Pro provide institutional-quality data and analytics for investors and business professionals.

caleb-eplett-ychartsCaleb Eplett joined YCharts in 2012 and has been instrumental in building our Account Management team as well as contributing to Product and Business Development. Before joining YCharts, Caleb spent three years as a fixed-income trader focused on US Treasuries and derivatives. He also worked as a financial advisor for several years with BMO Investor Services and Ameriprise Financial. Caleb graduated with honors from Northwood University in Michigan with a BBA in Economics and Business Management.

In this article, we discussed the issue of transparency and communication within the team that allows researching ideas, finding new ways to tackle challenges, and completing complex tasks such as implementing a new feature development or integrating with partners. 

Feedback is essential

People management is one of the biggest growth zones for every technology leader, especially when it comes to remote work. Fortunately, the pillars of success are the same as when communicating offline. According to Caleb, one thing that really helps here is to give everybody a voice to give feedback 

One thing that we’ve rolled out internally is an internal product committee that is made up of people who aren’t just on our product team. We’ve got a representative from our sales team, marketing team, account management team, and engineering team. We get together at least every couple of months off-site and just start to talk: “Hey, not only are there some cool things that we’re working on, but let’s give you guys all a voice in the current and the future road map, and let’s talk about big ideas.”

After such meetings, Caleb’s team takes ideas, researches them individually, and then shares that research across the team. It’s just a great way for everybody to have a voice as well as to hear some really great ideas that they might not get exposure to if they only thought about the product within the product. That’s something that’s been a lot of fun and gets everybody involved.

As far as just day-to-day meetings, Caleb strives to provide transparency to people regarding the status of projects. They sync up every week to talk about where things are at from a technology standpoint and how they are progressing on things that may need input from product or design. These syncs help to establish trust within the team, which affects productivity and team spirit greatly.