Vasyl Soloshchuk
14 December 2021

How do Engagement and Marketing Automation SaaS Solutions Boost Your Business?

And what do you need a solution development team for?

Communication with others takes place in the digital space. Fewer companies continue to look for customers through nondigital communication channels. Almost no one goes to the potential clients’ offices or makes cold calls. As a result of COVID-19, even fewer people continue to work on networking during offline events. Also, marketing activities have become more digital as ever, and digital advertising is growing exponentially. Amazon, Meta, and Alphabet could account for half of a potential $1 trillion advertising market by 2025. Thus, improving results in the marketing field depends on automation. There are automation platforms for this. They are the ones that provide you with tools you can use in the digital age instead of traditional calls, advertising, and networking.

How to understand the concept of digital transformation

People use office spaces less frequently than before the pandemic; many employees work remotely; friends communicate via social networks. Interaction between humans has migrated into the digital world. We work, earn, buy, sell, learn, chat, watch, and play online. This life approach, however, needs solid infrastructure—both hardware and software. Automation of online activities is at the top of the pyramid.

Before the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, it cost nearly $1,000 to travel across the country. After the railroad had been completed, the price dropped to $150. Travel across the continent before Transcontinental Railroad construction was dangerous. Many people took trips by ship around South America to go from one U.S. coast to another. The railway cut the journey across the United States from a matter of months to less than a week. The railway changed life, cities, and the economy.

A similar situation exists with telecommunications. It allows people to appear in distant cities and transfer terabytes of information and billions of dollars. Problems with these kinds of modern “tracks” are the same as those that existed with railroads a century ago. The new era uses cables instead of railways and automation solutions instead of train schedules. Imagine if one person had been responsible for dispatching all those trains manually. But in fact, there are a much greater number of sent messages. Moreover, the number of monthly texts sent has increased more than 7,700% over the past decade. In past years more than 700 billion text messages were sent every month in the United States.

So as a result of digital transformation, the main “roads” connect computers. And information delivers us almost all we need. A tiny piece of these “goods” is yours, too. Businesses must realize that they will fail to be heard and seen if their messages are lost amid this noise of digital highways. That is why it is a good idea to implement secure and useful tools, such as Engagement and Marketing Automation SaaS solutions.