Vasyl Soloshchuk
24 March 2020

Effective Remote Team Unlocked: Tools and Reviews

Remote culture has never been so demanded before. The pandemic has changed the way we thought the world was likely to evolve in the nearest future. However, changes always go hand in hand with opportunities.

When you’re going remote it becomes more obvious that different stakeholders (managers, engineers, product teams) have different needs and routines. They all need an environment in which they can store tasks, track progress, share ideas, and communicate with each other. This list of technology solutions includes a range of tools to suit all tastes, goals, and challenges. If you feel like your team management tool isn’t a silver bullet, take a look at these five top facilitators.


Clubhouse is a responsive project management platform. It looks very similar to Trello, and as such, it makes it easy for users to focus on coding rather than the tool itself. It also provides zoom-in to pinpoint status updates on a single story and allows for easy zoom-out and filter across multiple teams and milestones so you have all of the information at your fingertips.

Clubhouse’s features include creating stories, epics, and milestones, and organizing work with workspaces, projects, and teams. At the same time, it enables you to add observers to provide visibility on progress to stakeholders and generate reports on your team’s progress. The app is available on mobile and integrates with Slack, GitHub, Google Drive and Calendar, Box, and over fifteen other popular tools.

The app payment plans are billed annually and monthly. The pricing depends on how large your teams are and starts at $8.33 per month. Note that Clubhouse does not charge any qualifying nonprofit.

In sum, Clubhouse comprises all essential features and reports packed in a beautiful intuitive design. The pricing structure makes it best suited to small teams with ten members or fewer.

Comments from our members Nicolas Joseph, VP of Engineering at Datalogue:

“It gives you a prediction based on your private burndown chart like when you will be done with a milestone. It’s a really nice tool.”

Clubhouse screen