Vasyl Soloshchuk
30 December 2021

Building a Fast & Secure App: What API Communication Pattern to Use?

Service interaction is now inevitable for business. When designing APIs, ensuring flexibility is key for adapting to the ever-changing requirements for system communication. Find out how utilizing REST and GraphQL can assist your company in API development.

API protocols and communication patterns

To establish API communication, it takes an interface and two or more applications. After one app sends a request, the other app must respond—this is an API transaction. When this interaction occurs over a network, the API is referred to as a web service. 

Each application utilizes a particular protocol, like HTTP, SOAP, or XML-RPC. A protocol is a set of rules that defines how the two apps interact. For a successful communication, the data retrieved must have a specific format too, like JSON or XML.           

GraphQL was developed to make the process of defining the specifications for a client easier. While REST is a common web standard-based architectural pattern in web API development, GraphQL is a query language and another option to build RESTful APIs. These two complement each other: REST is server-driven, and GraphQL is client-driven.