9 January 2020

Arjun Kannan: The importance of keeping the focus on critical parts


Keeping product healthy is a skill, the same as going to the gym or brushing one’s teeth. In this episode, we’re having a talk with Arjun Kannan, CTO at Climb Credit, a student lending platform intended to expand student access to quality education. If you want to know how processes in huge and small FinTech companies differ, what are their main challenges and how to combat them, this podcast is for you.


1:30 Kannan’s bio. Work in BlackRock and Climb Credit
4:20 The situation with student loans today
8:44 Risk model at Climb Credit
11:41 SoFi vs Climb Credit
13:25 Communication as the most important CTO role part
16:09 The level of processes matters
19:34 Should broken industries be fixed by startups or big companies?
24:30 Scaling, structuring, and managing teams
31:45 How do people learn in a company that helps people learn?
39:16 Take care of critical parts
41:41 If you don’t know something, ask the community
43:58 How to choose technology stack for FinTech
47:21 Does anybody live with a perfect codebase?
50:24 Being CTO allows working cross-functionally but not diving into details
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