Vasyl Soloshchuk
24 September 2020

Adam Bialy, CPO OpenPayd: Software Development of Open Banking APIs

Fintechs vs Big Banks. Tech & product team culture. Product development efficiency. Open Banking APIs development and integrations.

The topics mentioned are the hottest for technology leaders traditionally. And these are exactly the problems we discuss during the interview with a seasoned product & tech leader Adam Bialy, Chief Product Officer at OpenPayd, a one a time API integration platform for banking and payments. Adam is an accomplished payments / financial technology industry thought leader and innovator with over 13 years of unique professional experience across the entire cards & payments value chain (transaction banking/card issuing, merchant acquiring, gateway processing, alternative payment schemes, and most recently retail/POS payments and fintech), within both; fast-paced start-up environments and more complex matrix organizations.

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 1:01 Big vs Small companies experience
  • 3:10 Resources allocation and outcomes in smaller and bigger companies
  • 6:43 ROI and metrics for features and solutions development
  • 8:21 Metric “how well a solution solves the problem”
  • 10:49 How to run product workshops and identify a list of questions for them
  • 13:21 Product backlog prioritization
  • 15:06 Open Banking & integrations in Fintech
  • 16:22 Stripe approach to make card payment more accessible for software developers via APIs
  • 19:22 OpenPayd integrations
  • 20:25 OpenPayd is a Stripe of B2B payments
  • 21:56 Top challenges for software developers while doing integrations with APIs
  • 26:32 Banks vs Fintech competition and Open Banking as a movement
  • 30:41 Product vs Tech vs Business and why it’s great to work in Fintech as a software developer
  • 36:07 Product Squads and Extreme Programming
  • 37:55 Product and Development Team structuring
  • 41:22 Release management approach
  • 43:36 Working remotely during the pandemic as a distributed agile team
  • 45:32 Remote Team Culture: Demo Days as a big ceremony for the whole product and tech teams
  • 49:39 Learning approach for tech leaders. Books recommendations.
  • 55:01 Be smart and be nimble during current times!

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