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FinTech CTO Club


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FinTech CTO Club is a community of technology leaders who are willing to share insider knowledge of how to build and manage successful FinTech products and companies.

• Learn from other experienced and successful tech leaders.
• Give inspiration to peers with your insights and unique expertise.

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Ask for opinions and share thoughts on the following topics:
  • Talent acquisition, team building and management
  • Company processes and challenges
  • Relationship with CxO peers
  • Managing time and priorities
  • Roadmapping and scoping
  • Fighting technical debt
  • Security, reliability, DevOps
  • Testing & test automation
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The community might also be interesting for CPOs and Heads of Product, as it brings up many challenges that prevent products from growth, and enables experts to give their opinions on how to solve them.
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All CTO Club members have access to formal and informal communication. We make content such as articles, news, interviews, podcasts. But you will also be added to the CTO Club chat where you can speak to your CTO peers.
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The community that drives career success

People don’t really understand how little of the CTO’s job is about technology. CTOs have to be cross-functional, converge business
and tech leadership, and drive the company’s strategy. They have to make difficult decisions. They’re accountable to the CEO, the Board, and investors. How can a CTO pack everything in?
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We thought that more solutions could be reached if CTOs banded together in a narrow-focused community. FinTech CTO Club connects you to business and tech leaders with a focus on the FinTech industry. Membership links you to useful contacts and conveys to partners your status and authority.
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Some answers just can’t be googled. Through the Club, we’ll share ideas, thoughts, and success stories on topics that matter to you. There are no silly recommendations from Mr. Nobody. Based purely on challenges and case studies shared by our members, we have formed a solid knowledge base to share with you.
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FinTech CTO Club helps you identify new skills, competencies, and training that may help you to be successful in your position. By sharing your exclusive experience, you can accumulate credibility and personal acknowledgment across the community.
WHO are the members

WHO are the members?

FinTech CTO Club is a place where you can find answers and get over difficulties. We have gathered CTOs, CPOs and other tech and product leaders in FinTech under one roof to discuss how to fix security issues, motivate teams, meet budgets, and overcome other aggravating issues.

What you get

WHAT will you get?

You will get opportunities to:

• share your knowledge with your colleagues within the industry and display your vast expertise within the community
make more difficult decisions using joint brainstorming and mastermind techniques together with your fellow CTOs
request exclusive analysis or research on the areas that interest you most, and find them in our newsletter
get help from the exclusive community of Fintech leaders

How to join Fintech CTO Club by INSART

HOW to join the community?

Fill in the brief form below so that we can learn more about your expertise, notify about the next steps, and add your email to our Fintech Engineering Signals newsletter list.