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Let's discuss, how INSART can empower you with new technology

Our mission is to advise innovations in fintech and provide people with the tools to achieve financial freedom

Why would you join us on that journey?

Build a base to achieve
new business outcomes:

  • Add new product lines and do multiple integrations.
  • Scale engineering capacity quickly.
  • Have no pains with security issues related to software.
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picture (1)

Unlock a new level on
the market:

  • Increase in clients satisfaction
  • Revenue and profit growth
  • More clients and users
  • Predictable software development costs
  • Additional investment rounds closed
  • Acquisition of other companies

Vasyl Soloshchuk

CEO / Chief Executive Officer

Let's start a new solution development project together!

Why your company may need a strategic technology partner like INSART
Your business is growing and requires your team to scale
with top-notch engineering talents who understand the specifics of the financial industry
You need to speed up software development
by deploying strong technological, management and Fintech domain expertise — our main focus
You want to have a long-term technology partner
who is compliant with US security and regulation standards so that you don’t have pains with security issues

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