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How is it to be our client?

Our clients deserve the best, and we are always by their side to help them get it. To trust and be trusted, to promise and to deliver—that’s how we live and that’s how we work.

Comprehensive wealth management platform for RIAs that serves as a full operating system to run and grow their business, giving them the ability to control and personalize the experiences they deliver.

CRM - A modern CRM built to think like an advisor, it works to optimize everything you do to service clients and grow your business. Spend less time managing data and more time caring for clients.

Portfolio Management - A wealth management platform that equips an advisor to run their day more effectively with personalized performance reporting, customizable fee billing and simple rebalancing tools.

Other Services - Digital Onboarding, Client Portal, Planning + Investing Tools, Business Intelligence

A modern CRM built to think like an advisor, it works to optimize everything you do to service clients and grow your business. Spend less time managing data and more time caring for clients.
Portfolio management
A wealth management platform that equips an advisor to run their day more effectively with personalized performance reporting, customizable fee billing and simple rebalancing tools.
Other services
Digital Onboarding, Client Portal, Planning + Investing Tools, Business Intelligence

How INSART helps

We have been collaborating with AdvisorEngine for more than five years. Our high-level seniority specialists brought transparency into AdvisorEngine’s development process and:
  • Re-architected financial data-processing services (performance calculation, reporting, financial goal-based planning and fee-billing, etc.)
  • Added multiple third-party integrations (custodian integration with Schwab, Pershing, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade; investment data and analytics; trading and rebalancing services, etc.)
  • Established DevOps and CI/CD processes (including on-duty support for critical production issues resolution)
  • Our effective people management and a thorough understanding of and caring about the client’s goals is what AdvisorEngine values most in our partnership.


Rich Cancro
Founder & CEO at AdvisorEngine
"INSART’s contribution to our technology played a key role in Junxure acquisition and in achieving Franklin Templeton Investments acquisition metrics."
Raj Madan
CIO at AdvisorEngine
"By joining forces with INSART, we scaled our engineering capacity immensely."
Vladimir Baranov
Founder & ex-CTO of AdvisorEngine
"There’s always room for improvement, but INSART always pushes the limits of what’s possible. A great team with much involvement in our project."
Comprehensive fundraising software suite for communications, fundraising, and advocacy needs of more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations around the world.


Fintech, Nonprofits, Fundraising, Advocacy & Marketing Platform, CRM

Strong together for the greater good: Salsa empowers nonprofits with advanced software for fundraising. By providing solutions that allow people to connect and share, the company supported 3,000 nonprofit organizations and 10,000 nonprofit professionals on their mission to make the world a better and safer place to live.

Location: Bethesda, Pittsburgh, Rochester & Austin, USA

Salsa’s digital engagement platform has all the tools to communicate, advocate, and fund a cause effectively.
 Alternative option designed for nonprofits that need an engagement system but can pave their way without donor management tools.
For Cause/Team
Salsa provides tools to make the world listen to any voice and to enhance it with thousands of others.

How INSART helps

Our more than eight-year story with Salsa Labs has been rich on events. The bright moments we worked towards together were the two acquisitions of Salsa Labs—Givezooks and DonorPro—and a five-million-worth investment.During our partnership, we:
  • Enhanced payment processing integrations and added additional capabilities to fundraising features, including reporting and insights, fraud detection, black and white listing, bulk email sending, etc.
  • Took part in SaaS platform development, including shift to the microservices architecture, code refactoring and building data warehouse with customized ETL process.
  • Implemented peak load and data management with regular monitoring and database analysis, extreme peak high load control, disaster recovery solution, data and schema updates review process, and queries optimization process.


Alex Sukhenko
CTO at Salsa Labs, Inc
"Sometimes it seems as if INSART was with us from the very beginning. The team invests the same effort in what we do just as anyone at Salsa Labs. INSART’s software engineers are first-rate professionals who take great professional pride in what they do. One of our best experiences with Fintech solution providers."
Automated growth program that helps financial advisers accelerate growth and improve client engagement through automation.


Marketing Automation, Financial Advisement

Not a giant monster from tales: the company offers an automated marketing platform that works wonders on communications and helps turn leads into customers in a snap. To make every client stand out from the market competition—that’s Snappy Kraken’s approach, and this approach converts.

Location: Florida, USA

Marketing Automation System
Original and compelling content and a proven strategy allow to build a trustful and meaningful relationship with the customer. Simple automation makes this process quick and enjoyable.

How INSART helps

At first, our team became a right hand for the company’s developers. To align the development process with the company’s goals, the team conducted a successful migration from Wordpress to Laravel and Vue.js and integrated CRMs (Redtail, Wealthbox, Salesforce) into the app. Our other successfully completed tasks include:
  • Integration solution development for the Snappy Kraken legacy app.
  • Assistance in the development of a brand-new version of the Snappy Kraken app.
  • The application of Business Analysis, Discovery and Implementation for Enterprise Clients requests.


Robert J. Sofia
Chairman & CEO at Snappy Kraken
"A truly dedicated and loyal team. INSART has boosted our capacity greatly, and I see a permanent growth in the project."
Bradley DeLoatche
Founder, CTO & Marketing Technologist at Snappy Kraken
"One of the main reasons we trust INSART with our business is the process transparency that the team has established."
Sales and marketing platform that drives personalized customer engagement with industry-leading data and AI.


Fintech, Financial Services

For those who struggle to get a full view of their customers and prospects, Leadspace has a multifaceted platform that streamlines sales, marketing, and mergers and acquisitions. See the full list of services on Leadspace’s website.

Location: San Francisco, USA

The Graph
The platform unifies buyer data from 1st and 3rd party resources. The Graph gets enriched real-time and surgically.
Buying signals
Timely insights allow sales reps and teams to quickly find and prioritize promising accounts, winning more customers in less time.
Closeable pipeline
With a two-step process, a predictive classification engine identifies 25% leads that can drive 60%+ of your business.

How INSART helps

Two years into partnership, Leadspace already sees improved revenue and profit and a surge in the number of clients and users. What we’ve done so far:
  • Developed a new version of the app (front end + back end); this was a trigger for getting new clients.
  • Scaled engineering capacity; we grew the team of one developer to five within a year.


Alex Yoder
CEO & Member of the Board at Leadspace
"INSART helps us take our sales and marketing solutions to a new level of efficiency, and we see the results already. The team are professionals, I highly recommend them."
Michal Finkelstein
General Manager (Israel) at Leadspace
"I was surprised to see such a small development team deliver so fast and with such determination and involvement."
Digital wealth management services that cover needs of financial professionals from client onboarding and account maintenance to trading, analytics, and reporting.


Wealthtech, Managed Service Partner

Mirador places technology at the service of wealth. A perfect mix of data science and deep expertise in financial matters is at the core of the company’s services for families and family offices, wealth managers, endowments and foundations.


USA: Stamford, CT (HQ), Chicago, IL, Jacksonville, FL, Salt Lake City, UT

UK: Edinburgh, Scotland 


Mirador’s clients get insightful and real-time portfolio performance reports. A clear picture makes evident the current opportunities and risks.

Expert Services
Technology assistance ranges from consulting to providing experience managing systems.
Middle Office Services
One-off or continuous administrative help of a highly qualified middle office operations support team will eliminate the tasks that obscure the main focus.

How INSART helps

Mirador partnered with us in July 2021. Since then we managed to make two major improvements:
  • Systematized the development process: provided a release calendar, established code review process.
  • Brought in commitment and new ideas.
  • Assisted in optimizing the budget for software development.


Joseph Larizza
Managing Partner at Mirador, LLC
"Excellent quality, and the team delivers in the most timely manner possible."
Funding opportunities in UK property development finance for retail and corporate investors


Lendtech, Alternative Loans, Re-financing, Real Estate & Mortgages

This peer-to-peer lending platform literally builds the future by helping small and medium sized housebuilders find corporate and institutional lenders. The history of FutureBricks is “a testament to the power of strategic innovation.

Location: London, UK


Investors get a personal E-wallet and can contribute starting with the minimum of £5,000. To provide a secure investment, FutureBricks identifies eligible projects by conducting a unique risk assessment process. 

The borrower can receive money for bridge acquisition loans, residential led developments, bridge & refurbishment. Maximum loan size is £1M for up to one year.

How INSART helps

FutureBricks needed a platform that would contain information about house builders that have limited access to finance. The platform would enable individuals and companies to invest in asset-backed property development projects and earn monthly interest.This was one of our best experiences with developing a project from scratch. Our scope included:
  • Providing business analysis to identify the required software functionality and prevent the client from incurring extra expenses.
  • Creating a strong software development team that would be effective working remotely: a front-end developer, a back-end developer, two QAs, a tech architect, and PM.
  • Developing the platform from scratch with sufficient initial functionality to launch the service to market.


Arya Taware
Founder & CEO at FutureBricks
"Their team is very efficient; every sprint that was planned, was completed on time—so it felt like a fixed cost based contract, although it wasn’t. They have really good resources—we had a team of six people, and each and every one of them were skilled and senior. I personally took a trip to Kyiv to meet Vasyl and the team and spent two days with them—Vasyl has formed a very impressive management style where developers get to choose their own projects, etc., and it was very efficient, I must say."