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    How to Build AI-Powered Credit Scoring Software - Tips from Experts

    Credit score is your multipass in the world of financial services. It helps you secure a loan, apply for a credit card, or rent an apartment. It’s a thread binding it all together in the intricate web of financial decision-making.

    Today, the landscape of credit scoring is evolving, and it's not just about numbers and formulas anymore. AI, the powerhouse of modern technology, has woven its way into this domain, reshaping how lenders evaluate your creditworthiness.

    In this article, I'll untie the workings of AI-powered credit scoring, explaining its benefits and challenges, algorithms, feature engineering, steps to build an AI-driven credit scoring system, and the coolest examples in Fintech. Find out how AI is revolutionizing an age-old system, changing how we access financial opportunities.

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  • Important information

    INSART stands with Ukraine.

    Ukraine was attacked by russia. Read INSART’s statement on the war in Ukraine.
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    Organizing Data Chaos: How to Implement Reporting into a Fintech Product

    One exabyte, or 275 billion mp3s — that’s how much data US banks stored in 2020. And that number grows every year, pushing for faster and more efficient data processing and reporting.

    Implementing data reporting requires careful planning, development, and integration to ensure that it meets the needs of both your business and your users. In the article below, you’ll find all the steps to implement data reporting into your Fintech product effectively.

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    Building AI-Powered Robo-Advisors for Investment: A Comprehensive Development Guide

    AI-powered robo-advisors lure billions in assets and thousands of users. For sure, they are here to stay, flaunting personalized insights and automated portfolio management.

    Let’s delve into the process of developing your own robo-advisor from scratch. As you finish reading this guide, you'll pick up the essentials needed to create a top-class financial tool that can analyze users' financial situations, provide tailored investment recommendations, and manage portfolios seamlessly.

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Real-time payment solutions for more than 6,000 organizations around the world that process $14+ trillion in payments and securities transactions each day.
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Comprehensive wealth management platform for RIAs that serves as a full operating system to run and grow their business, giving them the ability to control and personalize the experiences they deliver.
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Comprehensive fundraising software suite for communications, fundraising, and advocacy needs of more than 3,000 nonprofit organizations around the world.
Automation-driven portfolio management software for financial institutions, asset management firms, RIAs, and Fintechs.
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Automated growth program that helps financial advisers accelerate growth and improve client engagement through automation.
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Sales and marketing platform that drives personalized customer engagement with industry-leading data and AI.
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Simple, flexible and secure billing and payment solution designed for independent small business owners.
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Digital wealth management services that cover needs of financial professionals from client onboarding and account maintenance to trading, analytics, and reporting.
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Asset management system offering investors earnings of up to 8 - 10% gross interest per annum with funds secured against UK real estate assets by way of first charge.
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